Speaking German means getting to know Germany and its people better.

People, usually understand and speak English to some extent.

Of course, with a little German it’s easier to get in touch. Young people will enjoy talking to you in order to improve their English. But talking their language will help you get to know the country and its people much better. Don’t worry about making mistakes. The only way to learn a language is to use it and this means, to make mistakes!

Is German difficult?

When you come to Germany for the first time, you don’t have to understand everything or even what they say on TV or radio. German is very logical and has many words in common with English. In no time you might realize you understand more, even when they speak quickly.

Always keep in mind that you already know some German. How much easier is it for you to fit in and start improving your German quickly as you are now surrounded by the language all day!

Learning a language while on the job and in the country can give it a turbo pace compared to what you know from school. And in the beginning it’s not at all about grammar. Forget grammar, it’s about making yourselves understood and making the others understand what you mean. Grammar kicks in after a while all by itself as you hear it and apply to what you say without even thinking it is grammar.

Don’t worry when you don’t understand everything, that’s natural. When you get around 40 – 50 percent of the meaning it’s an excellent start.

Experience tells that someone who did not speak the local language at all in the beginning will speak fairly well after one year if immersed into the language. So you may be fully functional in German much quicker.

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