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How does SEO Work?

SEO, search engine optimization is the process by which Google determines whether a website is to be ranked at top position for a specific keyword that relates to the underlying business within a specific geographic region. A website can have multiple keywords that relates to it and can show on the first page of Google for these keywords as long as the site is properly optimized. In order to rank high on Google, websites need to adhere to the specific criteria that includes both on-page and off-page optimization.

The starting point for proper SEO is on-page optimization which involves structuring the coding and content of the website in a manner that the Google crawler can understand it and index it appropriately for the right keywords and industry. The second major process, off-page SEO involves gaining credibility for the website on the Internet. This process involves proving to Google that this website is a legitimate business located in the city where online searches are taking place for certain keywords. Off-page SEO is a long process that involves a long list of tasks that are preformed on the Internet through other websites and social media platforms. The goal is to improve the quality score of the website and showing Google that visitors are engaging positively with the website.

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Mississauga is the second largest city in the Greater Toronto Area and listed as one of Canada’s top 10 largest cities with a population of over 1 million residents. The city is home to all types of companies and small businesses ranging from Canadian based multinational corporations, sole proprietorship’s and entrepreneurial start-ups. Integration of digital devices in our lives has transformed the marketing industry, making online advertising more relevant than ever.

Search engines have become one of the main channels for marketing and advertising and Google is used by more than 80% of Internet users as their primary search engine. In a city that is so diverse with a booming population, organic exposure on Google for businesses by means of SEO in Mississauga is more important than ever. Studies and tests have proven that SEO yields some of the highest conversation rates for businesses in generating online leads, customer inquiries and sales.

This type of organic website traffic is obtained around the clock that does not cost the business any fixed amount per visitor in comparison to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffic. The region of Peel and Mississauga has a diverse portfolio of businesses that fall within the categories B2C and B2B. Businesses in both of these categories can benefit from SEO to grain organic exposure and rankings on Google. Downtown Mississauga, also known as Square One is home to many large and small companies that are predominately in the service sector.

These are mostly companies in financial services, consulting, engineering, law, accounting and other similar industries. The industrial belt of the city is more grouped together towards the North of the city that includes companies involved in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics as primary categories. SEO benefits all types of businesses and Adze Ybrant has immense experience in getting businesses listed on the first page of Google.